Aviation Oxygen Outlet / Port Replacements

Available Configurations

Choose your port A, B, or C

Then choose its configuration 1 thru 6

Single port @ $425.00

Dual port @ $595.00

Crew Mask Oxygen Ports / Outlets

NOTE: Since smoke venting crew masks are not yet available with popular Scott or Sky Ox connectors, (below left images), your options are currently as follows:

  1. Recommended: buy an adapter (below right) for the existing connector so the mask can be used in multiple aircraft, or
  2. Change out your aircraft port (center right sample) to be compatible with your upgraded EROS or BE Aero crew mask connector (center left options).
If you don’t see your outlet here, please email us an image, and we’ll attempt to identify it! Phoebe, “The Oxygen Lady®” – info@aviationoxygen.com.

Questions about the right oxygen part for your aircraft? We’re experienced and happy to help.

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