Aerox DD725 Aviation Oxygen Mask

Diluter Demand Mask with 8130-3
Inflatable Harness – Approved for Use to FL40

“A popular upgrade for your older Scott / AVOX / BE Aerospace / Puritan masks!” – Phoebe, “The Oxygen Lady®”

NOTE: If you wish to upgrade/convert your older pressurized aircraft – with service ceilings to FL330 – from Grandfathered Constant Flow Crew Masks to this Diluter Demand Crew Masks, your existing oxygen cylinder assembly must deliver 55-70 PSI to each crew oxygen port – with a minimum oxygen flow of 100 LPM.


Includes stowage cup and 8130-3 certification.
IN STOCK – FREE shipping within the contiguous USA.

Mask specifications:

  • Head harness “quick comfort” inflatable to accommodate a full range of head sizes
  • Model also available for use with portable system 725
  • Certified altitude 40,000 feet maximum
  • Communications electret mic—acoustic foam—plug pj068
  • Service/overhaul 5 yrs from manufacture date code
  • Operating temp range +20°f to +120°f
  • Relative humidity 5 to 95 percent
  • Storage temp normal +20°f to +120°f; extreme –67°f to +160°f
  • Documentation meets or exceeds tso-c78a and c89a requirements
  • Weight 1.2 lbs
  • One year factory warranty.
  • Inspection/overhaul of the mask is required every five years.

Mask stowage. The mask should be stored in the included stowage cup in an easily accessible area for quick donning. The cup should be mounted in an area to protect the mask from damage/contamination, and away from direct sunlight or extreme temperature conditions—there is six feet of hose to accommodate placement.

Mask operation. Remove mask from stowage cup while depressing right inflation paddle. The harness will inflate immediately so that donning is possible with one hand. Depressing the left handle will deflate as necessary for comfort adjustments of the harnesses . Additional adjustment can be made by the Velcro strap on the back of the head.

For upgrade from our older Scott/Puritan masks, please provide:

  • Full part number of the mask currently approved for your aircraft.
  • Make/model/service ceiling of the aircraft – pressurized or not?
  • Images of your existing mic and oxygen connectors.

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