Maintain or Replace Existing Built-in Oxygen Equipment
Aircraft Oxygen Cylinders, Tanks, and Assemblies

  • Tank Hydrotest
  • Tank Replacement
  • Assembly Recertification
  • Regulator Overhaul
  • Regulator Repair
  • Exchange
  • New or Outright
  • Altitude Compensator Tests

For Built-in Aviation Oxygen Equipment:

  • Provide the full part number of the Oxygen Cylinder Assembly currently approved for use in your specific aircraft. WHICH IN TURN PROVIDES THE PART NUMBER OF YOUR REGULATOR OR ALTITUDE UNIT.
  • This can be found in the Original Equipment List, on the tank placard, in the logbooks—or by calling your aircraft OEM with the aircraft serial number.
  • In turn we will provide your with the pricing and turnaround time—along with the required paperwork and ship-to address for the correct repair facility.

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Maintenance Requirements: Aircraft Portable and Built-in Oxygen Systems


Aircraft Oxygen Cylinder

Aircraft Oxygen Regulator

Aircraft Altitude Compensator

Service Type







5 Years

5 Years

3 Years

Functional Test

At Tank Hydro & Changeout

At Hydro & Tank Change


At Tank Changeout

If Fails Functional Test

Service Life

15 Years


25 Years



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