New Portable Oxygen Systems
(Walkaround Portables)

  • Unpressurized—Service ceiling to FL250
  • Unpressurized—Service ceiling ABOVE FL250
  • Pressurized—Service ceiling to FL250
  • Pressurized—Service ceiling ABOVE FL250

Aerox Portable Systems – For Low Altitude Aircraft (To FL 180):

Each system includes the cylinder and regulator of your choice—plus the corresponding number of delivery kits. Includes: Oxysaver cannula, tubing, in-line flowmeter & needle valve/connector.

For High Altitude Aircraft (Above FL180):

• Portables • Walkarounds • Therapeutic High LPM Systems • Emergency Depressurization Units
Please email the following information:

  • Make and model of aircraft
  • Service ceiling
  • Pressurized or not
  • Intended for passengers or for flight crew
  • How many positions/ports?

Email Phoebe, “The Oxygen Lady®”

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With any requested part numbers, photos, or other info, please email us at:

Questions about the right oxygen part for your aircraft? We’re experienced and happy to help.

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