Pressurized Aircraft—Aviation Oxygen Crew Masks

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  • Overhaul/Recertification is $1925.00 plus parts. .
  • Repair is for parts only—if you are between the six-year required overhauls.
  • Functional test only is $525.00.
  • AOG expedited handling for 2-3 days is an additional $390.00 per mask.
  • Standard turnaround time is 4-7 days.

In any case, a work estimate will provided for your approval prior to completion of any work. For repairs or function test: Should your mask fail inspection or functional test—and the overhaul history so indicates, any required repair or overhaul will be noted on the work estimate.  With each successive overhaul, different components must be replaced—whether defective or not.

Purchase of Upgrade/Replacement

If your crew masks is found to be obsolete (no longer recertifiable) or beyond economical repair, we will recommend replacements or upgrades—overhauled/outright from $4200.00.

For Overhaul, Repair, Exchange, or Recertification:

We will send you a job number and ship-to instructions.

For Upgrades or New Masks:

Please email the following information to

  • Make, model, and certified service ceiling of the aircraft.
  • Whether or not it is pressurized.
  • Full part number of the currently approved mask.
  • An image of the mic and oxygen connectors.
  • Length of the mic and oxygen lines.

Crew Masks (with MIC)

Unpressurized or Pressurized Aircraft with Service Ceilings at or Below FL250

For quotes on purchase or maintenance,  provide the following information:

  • The full part number of your existing or currently approved crew mask (or an image).
  • make, model & certified service ceiling.
  • Whether pressurized or unpressurized.
  • Image of the mic & oxygen connectors.
  • Length of the mic & oxygen lines.
  • Note: if your unpressurized aircraft has a service ceiling above FL250, please advise.

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With any requested part numbers, photos, or other info, please email us at:

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