Nebulizer Kits for Aircraft Therapeutic Stations

From $480

All kits include the humidifier assembly, flow regulator, bottle & lid.
The (- xxx) is your length choice of the humidifier line—from 30” to 360”.

K01-XXX Includes 43” yellow dixie cup hose and Puritan 566 connector/coupling.
K02-XXX Includes 58” mask hose & Puritan 566 coupling/connector.
K08-01-XXX Includes 84” slip-on mask and 7 ft slip-on cannula and Puritan 566 coupling/connector.
K10-YY-XXX Includes the customer’s choice of coupling if they cannot use the default Puritan 566.

For the (-yy)  choose from:

  •  (-01)  58” mask assembly
  •  (-02) 43” dixie yellow cup assembly—or
  •  (03) combo slip-on mask & cannula assembly
  • Includes slip-on mask assembly & a 7ft slip-on cannula.
  • For the (-zzz) choose length of above mask hose.

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