Aerox Built-in Oxygen Systems Kits

We are proud to offer two different kits for your airplane.  The Deluxe kit consists of PMA'd parts which makes FAA 337 Field approvals easier to obtain for factory built aircraft.  They are STC'd only for the Cirrus.  Whether you are installing PMA'd parts - or STC'd parts - you will be required to obtain an FAA 337 Field Approval.  Please have your mechanic check with the local FSDO prior to purchase of your oxygen kit to be certain they  are aware of your intentions and  whether they are familiar with the installation and the FAA 337 requirements for same.THE AEROX DELUXE SYSTEM is designed with PMA’d parts for factory PISTON aircraft. THE STC'D CIRRUS SYSTEM - FOR ALL GENERATIONS - (Cylinder Installed in Floor Under Baggage) is designed for gliders and/or other experimental aircraft. Each system includes

  • 77 CF Kevlar/composite cylinder
  • remote regulator w/bracket assembly
  • outlet manifolds
  • fill block assembly
  • cockpit on/off cable - 9 ft.
  • panel-mounted psi gauge
  • hardware, high/low pressure lines
Aerox Kit Deluxe

Please check with your mechanic prior to purchase of either system to confirm he or she is familiar with FAA installation procedures of PMA’d and STC'd equipment. FAA 337 field approvals are no longer required for the installation of aftermarket parts in aircraft manufactured prior to 1981 i.e. thru 1980—as long as those parts are PMA’d (see AC23-27). All Aerox built-in kits have PMA'd parts. For this purpose those aircraft are considered “antique." There is a 15% restock fee for returning any customized kits.

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